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So in what has been a rather boring week in Crypto we round things off with the latest updates as Rollbit shut down their new Degen Exchange and ByBit shut up shop in the UK. We also have FTX coins seemingly being sold via Twitter - nice one Novogratz and some Macro movements that did zero to our precious internet beans.

* None of this is financial advice

00:00 Top Buyers
0:08 Coming Up
0:33 Rollbit
3:40 ByBit UK
4:45 Novogratz slinging FTX BTC
5:23 Tether Miner Purchases
6:20 Macro - Bank of Japan
7:10 Macro - US Treasury Buy Backs 2024

    So in what has been a rather boring week in Crypto we round things off with the latest updates as Rollbit shut down their new Degen Exchange and ByBit shut...

    Crypto's 10X Will Come After THIS! πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° Raoul Pal
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    BITCOIN & CRYPTO Boring right Now But WATCH OUT (Actually Urgent)
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    The Best Thing To Do When Crypto Gets Boring [OG Crypto Wisdom]
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    Mark Cuban: We're At the Boring Stage of Crypto Right Now
    πŸ’₯ Get Your Crypto Domains Now πŸ‘‰ unstoppabledomains.com/?ref=onlythesavvy πŸ’° $4163 Bonus, 15% Reduced Fees + Trading Tournaments with prizes using our...

    CRAZY! Fed BROKE Crypto & Markets
    πŸ”΅ Course with Larsson Line πŸ‘‰ ctolarsson.com/offer 🟑 Larsson Line Pro πŸ‘‰ ctolarsson.com/offers/WuPQsKWu/checkout ❌ Twitter πŸ‘‰ twitter.com/ctoLarsson What...

    You'll regret Ignoring this BORING Crypto! #crypto #altcoins #bitcoin
    βœ… BYBIT: $30,030 BONUS + 0% SPOT TRADING FEES ijaz.uk/bybit πŸ’°BITGET: DEPOSIT TODAY TO GET 10% CASHBACK INSTANTLY (250USDT max per account) ...

    'Crypto is not going away', says Digital Chamber's Perianne Boring on SEC lawsuit against Binance
    Perianne Boring, Digital Chamber founder and CEO, joins CNBC's Tanaya Macheel and 'Last Call' to discuss the SEC's lawsuit against Binance and the possible...

    Why I’m Accumulating This Boring Crypto!! #shorts
    πŸ’° πŸ“ˆ OKX 40% Off Trading Fees - FOR LIFE! β–Ί bit.ly/locOKX βœ”οΈ Trade crypto with the lowest fees! βœ”οΈ Tap into spot, margin, futures & perpetual trading ...

    The Crypto markets are finding direction, but these top crypto gaming altcoins are not going to wait for the market. They are primed for a big move!! Tune in...

    twitter.com/HobbiesCards XDC now featured on this channel, thank you to viewers who voted! BRICS WILL NOT BE USING XRP XRPL, can we stop with the hopium...

    My Crypto Portfolio is So BORING in June 2023 But I'll Still Make 100X
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    Bitcoin Cash πŸ₯± The Most BORING Crypto...
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